If Russian oligarchs dare, only then can the end of the road for Putin become apparent!

One reason for Putin‘s longevity is knowing that the majority of the most powerful individuals in Russia have their wealth tied to him and the system he created. The fortunes of Russian oligarchs grew with Putin and despite Putin. However, nowadays, the continuity of these fortunes depends on Putin, but the politics pursued by the Kremlin is the biggest concern for the oligarchs.

As we have come to this day, Putin’s outrageous domestic and foreign policies have caused great damage to Russian oligarchs. Their businesses have come to a halt, international partnerships have been disrupted, and a significant amount of their wealth has been trapped in Western banks.

However, oligarchs who see their systems collapsing are now pursuing new accounts instead of remaining loyal to Putin. One of the famous Russian oligarchs, the leader of Wagner, Prigozhin, raised the first banner of rebellion thanks to his military power. So what can other Russian oligarchs do using their power?

A little courage will change everything!

Written by Umut Guner