Highlights from President Joe Biden’s Historic Address to the Nation!

🔵 We are committed to building a brighter tomorrow in the Middle East.

🔵 We have reached an agreement with Israeli officials for humanitarian aid shipments to Gaza.

🔵 I spoke with Netanyahu, and Israel will act in accordance with the laws of war.

🔵 America is a beacon for the world, and we will continue to be that light.

🔵 We reaffirm our commitment to ensuring the security of Israel and Ukraine for future generations.

🔵 The success of Ukraine and Israel is essential for our national security.

🔵 The world needs America’s leadership. Hamas and Putin must be defeated, and our allies expect this from us.

🔵 We advised against reacting with anger to the events in Israel.

🔵 Hamas, Putin, and Iran are uniting in their aim to harm neighboring democracies.

🔵 We must combat Islamophobia.

🔵 Israelis and Palestinians deserve the right to live together in peace.

🔵 We plan to present a historic aid package for Israel to Congress.

🔵 Turning our backs on Israel and Ukraine is unthinkable.

🔵 At least 32 American citizens lost their lives in Israel.

🔵 Hamas is using Palestinians as shields, causing harm to civilians.

🔵 We have observed people in Israel filled with anger and concern.

🔵 Palestinians have experienced loss of life, and an explosion occurred in a hospital.

🔵 Ignoring the trauma experienced by Palestinians is not an option.