The Spy Wars Have Reached Dangerous Dimensions!

It’s time to implement the new plans for Ukraine in the United States and Europe!

Highlights from President Joe Biden’s Historic Address to the Nation!

What is Israel’s Iron Dome system? How does the Iron Dome technology work?

A Frightening Quest in Armament: DNA Weaponization and Genetic Data

Volcano near Iceland’s main airport

Who are we

What is happening in France? Historic uprising from the French people!

Every day, in every city and town

Simplicity carried to an extreme becomes elegance.

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Ancient State Policy of Russia: Mobilizing Minorities as Society Engineering in Warfare!

When we examine the losses Russia has suffered in the Ukrainian war, it becomes apparent…

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Why did Russia send a spacecraft to the Moon 47 years later?

Everything is merely a national show, an attempt to deceive the public and seek more…

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Suspicions of Russian Sabotage in Grain Warehouse Explosion in Turkey!

Russia, which withdrew from the grain agreement, continues to threaten countries dependent on Ukrainian grain…

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Academic Think Tank

Academic Think Tank "Berkeley Institute": A Remarkable Presence in Politics, International Relations, Foreign Policy, and…

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Benjamin Franklin’s “Information for Those Who Want to Move to America”: Pursuing the American Dream through Hard Work

Benjamin Franklin, one of America's Founding Fathers, penned "Information for Those Who Want to Move…

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